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Missed Probation Officer Hearings

Are you accused of violating your probation?

Typically, individuals are only required to meet with a probation officer when they are sentenced to formal probation. If you were sentenced to formal probation, then you would have to register with the Orange County Adult Probation Department who will then assign you to a probation officer. In most cases, probation hearings are more frequent in the beginning (about once a week) but can lessen if you consistently show that you are committed to meeting the terms of your probation.

Meeting With Your Probation Officer

Your probation officer is there to ensure that you are complying with all the terms of your probation. If you are not able to make it to one of your meetings, you should let your probation officer know as soon as possible so you can reschedule. If you fail to make it to a meeting with your probation officer, especially your first one, or you are substantially late to the meeting, you may be accused of violating your probation.

Things to Expect at a Meeting With Your Probation Officer

Many people are unsure of what they can expect from their probation officer meetings. The first thing you should be prepared to do is answer questions. Your P.O. will ask you a series of questions to discover whether you are abiding by the terms of your probation or have violated them.

You might be required to:

  • Submit to random drug testing
  • Answer questions about any drugs or prescriptions you are currently taking
  • Answer questions about your employment

Some people believe that they should skip meetings with their probation officer in order to avoid getting caught for potential or alleged violations. Violating your probation is, in reality, just as dangerous as missing a meeting with your probation officer, as both can get your probation revoked and you could be sent to jail.

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