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Any crime generated by an offender’s bias against the supposed characteristics of the victim is considered a hate crime in Orange County. The law in California strictly forbids and frowns upon activity such as this. Whether the accused individual was said to have committed a crime motivated by the victim’s gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, or sexual orientation, it will register as a hate crime and hold serious consequences in the justice system.

In a case regarding hate crimes, the FBI and other government agencies often times become involved, especially with the increasing media involvement with these types of crimes. Despite the matters of your accusation and the agencies potentially investigating it, it will be crucial for you to speak with a dedicated Orange County criminal defense attorney in order to find peace and freedom in the end.

Lawyer for Hate Crime Defense in Orange County

Don’t hesitate to secure the legal guidance you will need at your side to build a defense strong enough to keep you from facing serious penalties of this accusation. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, the legal team works day in and day out to build strong and compelling defenses for those individuals accused of committing hate crimes in the Orange County and surround areas.

The repercussions of a hate crime conviction could be everlasting if you do not act quickly and find the right legal counsel to support you and protect your rights. An Orange County hate crime lawyer at our firm is standing by ready to build a defense for your case today. Do not leave your future freedom up to chance at an inexperienced law firm – see how we can help you out today.

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