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Multiple Domestic Violence Offenses in Orange County

Orange County Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

For a defendant facing allegations of multiple domestic violence offenses, the stakes are high. While a first domestic violence offense in Orange County may be charged as a misdemeanor, multiple offenses will likely be charged as felonies, or enhanced penalties will apply. This will generally translate to a longer term of imprisonment in county jail or California state prison.

Challenging allegations of domestic abuse is important whether this is an alleged first offense, second offense or subsequent occurrence. However, you can be guaranteed that much more is on the line if you have prior convictions on your criminal record. Not only will this affect your potential charges and sentencing, but it may make it that much more difficult to challenge these current charges, as the judge and jury may assume that you have a propensity to commit the offense.

Aggressive legal counsel from an experienced domestic violence attorney is the most important thing in the face of these allegations, an investigation of this kind, or formal charges. You have the right to a criminal lawyer, and taking immediate advantage of that right is crucial. After all, false allegations of child abuse and spousal abuse are frequently made. Revenge, jealousy and anger are strong emotions that may cause a spouse, family member or person you live with to make false accusations against you. When you have prior convictions on your record, you will be at a greater risk of harsh penalties.

Defense for Multiple Domestic Violence Allegations

To defend you against a conviction for multiple domestic violence offenses in Orange County, your lawyer may look to prove that there is insufficient evidence to support the charges. Often, these cases come down to the alleged victim’s testimony against the defendant. If there is no physical evidence to support the testimony or if the victim or other witness can be discredited, this may alter the entire course of your case.

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